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Cayetano Rivera
Antonio Cayetano Rivera Ordoñez, Spanish bullfighter known professionally as Cayetano. He belongs to a great saga of bullfighters like Paquirri, brother of Francisco Rivera and grandson of Antonio Ordoñez.

Date of birth: January 13, 1977 in Madrid, Spain.

Debut as a bullfighter: his debut as a bullfighter was on March 26, 2005 in La Maestranza de Ronda where he cut off four ears and a tail.

Alternative: He had a dream alternative for any bullfighter who shares a profession with his older brother. His alternative took place on September 9, 2006 in La Tradicional Corrida Goyesca de Ronda, with his brother Rivera Ordóñez as his godfather. They both fought Zalduendo bulls, where Cayetano demonstrated his worth to his family by cutting off four ears.

Confirmation of his alternative: Two years later in 2008, Cayetano had confirmation of him in a bullring dreamed of by all bullfighters. Specifically in Las Ventas with Morante de la Puebla and José María Manzanares as companions. The three fought bulls from Núñez del Cuvillo.

Plazas in which he has bullfighted: Cayetano has come to bullfight in the most representative bullfighting plazas in the world. Emblematic plazas such as La Maestranza in Seville, Las Ventas, La Maestranza in Ronda, Pamplona bullring, La Malagueta, Jerez de la Frontera bullring, Granada bullring, Zaragoza bullring, Arles Arena, Nîmes Arena

Style of the bullfighter: Cayetano gives us serious, precise and true bullfighting. He is characterized by hardly making any mistakes with the muleta and the cape inside the ring, measuring with precision the proximity to the bull.

Additional information: As we have mentioned on previous occasions, Cayetano Rivera belongs to a great bullfighting family, since he is the son of the famous Francisco Rivera Pérez (Paquirri), on the other hand, he is the grandson of Antonio Ordóñez, nephew of Curro Vázquez and Luis Miguel Dominguín. Cayetano remains partially removed from the arena. He usually appears in some bullfighting festivals in small towns in Spain.

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